04. Illustration

Art direction and social media management began as a psychedelic illustration account known as @h3_who_laughs.

I would often create depictions of emotionally damaged superheroes/villains, gritty urban sceneries, and cultural crossovers, along with other dark imaginative concepts, all rendered from the pen. 

Slowly I began translating many aspects of the illustrative style into a digital format. Using programs like Sketch, and Procreate I can easily draw up and imagine any character, setting, mood, feeling, etc. achieving a realistic or surreal style.

Many works as shown were commissioned or part of student projects for academic credit.

((/▽\)ψ(._. )>§(* ̄▽ ̄*)§(o′┏▽┓`o) (*≧︶≦))( ̄▽ ̄* )ゞ


Contact for all inquires:

Instagram: @hysterical_melancholy
Twitter: @h3_who_laughs
Tik-Tok: @h3_who_laughs