02.  Typography &

When it comes to typography, and layout direction, much influence is derived from early internet aesthetics and visions of cyber-culture, born out of the 80s-00s perceptions of futurism. Creative projects such as logos, promotional content, graphic media, etc. are also atmospherically infused with the dramatically energetic spirit of heavy metal and embrace the net-forward mindset of techno. This Y2K-inspired style establishes a unique nostalgic quality, allowing viewers to connect with a vibe of the past while bringing forward new and complex emotional ideas of design/mood.

“Webcore”, "Post-Internet", or "Netpunk" could be an accurate way of describing the artistic sensibilities of this genre. Many legacy user-interface frames from operating systems like Windows 98/95/XP, are remixed and utilized but modified creatively to present era-defining ideas of Cyberpunk media. Each shown design is artistically composed combing depictions of past futurism, all collaboratively envisioned to generate a maximalist piece of content for our modern era.


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